Empowering Safety: Factor Healthcare's First Responder Training Initiative

In collaboration with TN APEX ASDC, Factor Healthcare, an authorized training partner, recently conducted an exclusive First Responder Training session at Viki Steel Industries in Gummidipoondi. This training initiative, encompassing both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, aimed to equip employees with vital first aid skills and basic life support (BLS) techniques.

The session, conducted entirely in Hindi, catered to the diverse workforce at Viki Steel Industries, including migrant workers and supervisors. By delivering the training in the local language, Factor Healthcare ensured that participants comprehended the fundamentals of first aid procedures, essential for workplace safety and community well-being.

The theoretical segment covered various topics, including the assessment and management of medical emergencies, CPR administration, and basic wound care. Following this, participants engaged in practical scenarios, gaining invaluable hands-on experience under the guidance of skilled instructors.

By offering comprehensive first aid training, Factor Healthcare and TN APEX ASDC are empowering individuals to respond effectively to medical emergencies, fostering a culture of preparedness and safety in the TN APEX FIRST AID TRAINING workplace. This initiative aligns with the objectives outlined in the Factories Act, which emphasize the importance of prioritizing the health and welfare of workers in industrial settings.

For Viki Steel Industries and other organizations, investing in first aid training not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also cultivates a culture of safety and responsibility among employees. Factor Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd in Gummidipoondi remains committed to supporting businesses in enhancing workplace safety through tailored training programs and expert guidance.

For further inquiries regarding first aid training and regulatory compliance, reach out to Factor Healthcare FIRST AID CLASS IN HINDI Services Pvt Ltd at 8015 247 247.

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